We had to think outside of the box on this room. Our biggest obstacle was the angled ceilings and no good place for a TV or projection screen. The solution was to hang the TV from one of the angles and mount the speakers in the walls. We even recessed the subwoofer to save on floor space and give the room a larger feel.
Motorized shades don't just allow you to control the light in the room and reduce the heating and cooling bill. They also help in creating the mood. Imagine yourself sitting down to watch the latest BluRay movie. With popcorn in hand, you press the system on and the watch DVD buttons on your customized remote control. All of a sudden the system turns on, the shades lower, and the lights dim as the movie begins, just as it would in a real theater.  
How about some relaxing theater chairs?  They can be ordered in numerous fabrics, styles, and configurations.
In this install we utilized a full motion swing arm bracket to allow the client complete flexibility for furniture arrangement in the future. As you will see the  TV can be flat in the center of the wall or angled in the corner without ever seeing any wires or even the mount.
Here is another example of a full motion swing arm mount. This particular client wanted to be able to hang the TV on the wall and still have the flexibility to swivel it for viewing from the kitchen while cooking or even from the porch. Note the neatly dressed wires coming out of the wall and the extra slack on the HDMI cables to keep them from binding and breaking. These things are delicate you know.
This is an example of how you can have a well performing 5.1 surround system in a living space without having to see the equipment and some big clunky speakers. If you were to walk into this room you would be amazed by the sound and the fact that all you notice is the TV and possible the long rectangular speaker that blends well with the shape of the TV. This is actually the left, center, and right front speaker all within the same cabinet. We mounted the rear speakers in the ceiling and the subwoofer is tucked away in a corner behind a piece of furniture.

At Look N' Listen we work closely with the areas top builders and designers to make sure that every aspect of your system is as aesthetically pleasing as it is well performing. This photo depicts some of the precise planning that goes into something as simple as mounting a TV outside above a fireplace. If you will notice the TV is perfectly flush with the front of the Stonework and only has a half inch gap around all sides for mounting. An install like this takes careful planning with the builder, the electrician, and the stone masons.

With speakers strategically placed in all the living and entertaining areas around the house you can be completely enveloped in music without having one really loud room where the stereo is that no one wants to be near. At Look N' Listen we work hard to place the speakers in aesthetically pleasing positions all while giving great sound. As you will see in the pictures below, the speakers are in ling with the can lights and are hardly noticeable. This client actually opted for a richer, fuller sound so we installed an inwall subwoofer to cover the lower frequency range.
Spending time outdoors is much more enjoyable with music playing in the background. Here is an example of some outdoor speakers mounted on a back porch aimed out towards the patio and grilling area. With the right speaker choice they will almost disappear and the only time you will know they are there is when the music is on.
At Look N' Listen we take photos or videotape every prewire we do for future reference. The photo below on the left is an example of how we lace a keypad location with speaker wire and cat5 to allow a client the flexibility to either stick with a standard volume control or install a number of keypad choices if more control is desired. On the right is a speaker lace to allow more precise placement once the lighting fixtures are installed. In this case it will be a billiard table light.