Home Automation and Control


Home automation (also called a smart home) is having the ability to control multiple subsystems from a common controller and integrate them seamlessly so they work together in unison, saving you time, money, and sometimes even a bit of frustration.

We here at Look N' Listen are extremely proud to announce our newest partnership with Crestron Electronics Inc. Crestron® has been the leader and innovators of home automation for over 40 years now. They have solutions to fit any budget and just recently announced the release of a extremely robust and more powerful processor for their budget concious Prodigy® line.

View the slideshow below for more information about Prodigy®. (ActivX must be installed).


The Prodigy® line allows you to start small and build upon as your needs change. We can start by using it as a simple and easy to use home theater controller. You can then add to it lighting, thermostats, HVAC, and even security. Another benefit to Prodigy® is that it allows you to do all this without the need to completely rewire you home. They have in-wall and handheld touchpanels that all share a common easy to use interface. With an iPad, iPod Touch, or even todays most popular smartphones  you even have the ability to conveniently control your home from anywhere in the world. If your needs expand even further past the capabilities of Prodigy® you don't have to start over, they now allow full communication between Prodigy® and the main Crestron® line, giving you expanability that is second to none.

Automation is growing rapidly in the US, as it adds great value to the systems already installed throughout your home. Automating everyday tasks helps you save money and energy by setting the HVAC system to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied and restoring the normal setting when an occupant is about to return. It also gives you the ability to preset lighting scenes and control any or every light in the house with a simple button press. In extreme installations, rooms can sense not only the presence of a person, but know who that person is and perhaps set the appropriate lighting, temperature, and music or TV settings taking into account the day of week, time of day, and other factors decided upon by you.

Some other implementations of home automation are, for example, when an alarm detects a fire or smoke condition, then all lights in the house will blink to alert occupants. If the house is equipped with a home cinema or whole house audio, the home automation system can shut down all audio and video components and alert the user to a possible fire or a burglar.

As you can see, in todays world, the sky is the limit when automating your home. So let the experts at Look N' Listen design a system that will not only give you the control you desire today, but allow you to expand upon it in the future.

To schedule your Free In-Home Consultation or even a Prodigy® Demo please fill out the form on our contact page or give us a call at 919-274-1626. At Look N' Listen we look forward to any opportunity to help contribute to a greener planet.