Home Networking and Computer Systems



Home networking technology is growing more and more sophisticated every day. Many homeowners are seeking ways to connect all their electronic components, giving them the ability to share networked files, distribute media, stream internet content and have the ability to control it all from multiple locations. This is only available with a good home network , which is only as good as its infrastructure. This is why most homeowners today are looking for a simple structured wiring solution. Many more will be demanding it soon; not only to meet current needs, but for future upgrades as well.


Structured Wiring is the foundation of your home's network and is essential for meeting the high tech demands of today and tomorrow. Structured wiring is simply running multiple wires capable of carrying voice, data, and video signals throughout your house in a "Home Run" design. These wires consist of Cat5 cables and RG-6 Coaxial cables run to a centralized connection center. Look N' Listen takes it even one step further by wiring every location with Cat5e or Cat6 cable that is capable of being utilized for high-speed networking or  phone, giving you the flexibility to do voice today or data in the future  over the same wire. This is significantly better than the traditional method of looping phone wire from one location to another or wiring all of your cable wires to the outside of the house.  


We use the term "Multimedia Outlet", a term which represents a popular wiring configuration used at entertainment centers, equipment racks or locations throughout the  house where multiple pieces of equipment will be located. A multimedia outlet consists of 2 RG-6 Coaxial cables and 2 Cat5e cables, which is capable of delivering Cable TV, Satellite, Telephone and a Network feed  to the same location all at the same time. You can also back feed video from an entertainment outlet  location to the connection center and distribute that video to the rest of the house which is used quite often for security cameras.


We suggest the best way to ensure you are prepared for all current and future technologies is to run multimedia drops throughout the house. This is the only way to future proof your home, and to avoid the possibility of costly sheetrock damage trying to retrofit these wires later. This could also make the difference when it comes time to sell your home and will increase the resale value tremendously.


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